Richard Gardner, feature artist at SPARKBOOM’s Kickoff Event, gives us a snapshot about art

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Richard’s artwork was featured in SPARKBOOM’s kickoff event on Saturday April 6, 2013 at Fotofoto in Huntington, N.Y.

1. What is your definition of art?
This is absolutely the most perplexing question that you can ask anyone. At first
instance I want to answer “I don’t know what it is but when I see it I’ll know it.” But I do
realize as an artist that answer is not enough. So I’m going to amend this thought by
saying, art is the creation of a thought, sound, visual or physical entity derived from
the subconscious. To me all artists are creating a personal diary in code. Once
created it then becomes the viewers’ responsibility to interpret.

2. What do you do?
I am a conceptual photographic based artist, which means that all of my art contains
photographs. Unlike a straight photographer, my work also includes sculpture, found
objects, collage and manipulation.

3. How did you get started?
In the late 1960”s I worked as assistant in an upscale hair salon. The owner of the
salon was my mentor. I tried to emulate this talented man artistically in many ways.
When he decided to pick up photography so did I and I haven’t stopped since.

4. How would you classify your art?
My art is primarily based on the writings of Carl Jung. Primarily Jung’s theory of “the
collective unconscious”, fundamentally meaning that all of us share memories of
archetypal images since the beginning of man. I try to use this hidden data in my
images to provoke the viewers’ response. My main objective as an artist is to translate explicit reality; that which is perceived by
the naked eye into a new personal truth – a reality filtered through the subconscious.

5. Favorite artist(s)?
Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Dwayne Michaels, Jerry Uelsmann, Sarah Moon,Daido Moriyama, Vik Muniz, Luigi G. Colarullo

6. Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from a variety of sources depending on what is going on in my

life at the time; reading a book, viewing others art or even having a conversation that
sparks my imagination.

7. What is your favorite gallery on Long Island?
FotoFoto Gallery, Huntington, NY. The only fine art photography gallery on Long
Island – Islip Art Museum.

8. What is the coolest, most unique piece of art you have seen on Long Island?
Luigi G. Colarullo – I am extremely impressed with everything
this man has done.

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