SparkBoom Launches With a Bang


SparkBoomImages 006


SPARKBOOM’s kick-off party at the fotofoto gallery was a large success. As soon as the doors opened at 6, people began flooding into the gallery for a chance to view the work of the talented artists being featured. Guests were mingling amongst one another, enjoying the musical performance by Multiple Mono.


There were two banners swaying in the wind as you approached the venue advertising the SPARKBOOM event. As you walked into the gallery, there was a movie being presented by Dylan Skolnick of The Cinema Arts Centre, titled “Dementia”. Richard Gardner and Michelle Carollo’s artwork could be seen placed upon the walls of the gallery. There were interviews taking place in the back of the gallery that featured the artists. Verizon Fios was in attendance, interviewing guests and recording the experience of the first SPARKBOOM event of their program.

Guests were offered complimentary snacks and beverages throughout the event. sponsor, Five Towns College, had representatives t hat were also present and promoting their university with give-aways.  Diana Cherryholmes, Executive Director of the Huntington Arts Council, gave a speech at the peak of the event expressing her gratitude to the supporters and her excitement for SPARKBOOM’s upcoming events. The event left everybody eager to see what SPARKBOOM has in store for Long Island.     


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  picsthuymbsUpRedbull

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