Meet SPARKBOOM Music Bloggers Collin Richardson and Raj Tawney

As a ImagePart of SPARKBOOM’s Initiative, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Collin Richardson and I’m a musician. More specifically, I’m a predominately jazz trombonist, though I do dabble in classical ensembles. This past weekend, my Jazz sextet “ALCO™” recorded its first official demo. “ALCO” was founded between myself, the “CO”, and a very talented guitar player from Oceanside, Alex Frondeli, the “AL”. What started as a “lets-play-together-sometime” conversation at a rehearsal for the Nassau Suffolk Jazz Ensemble under the direction of the timeless William Katz, somehow flourished into a six piece consisting of drums, bass, trumpet, sax, and of course, trombone and guitar. The other members of the group include Jess Klirsfeld (trumpet), Anthony Abate (sax), Andy Dill (bass), and Jeremy Klewicki (drums). Four of us are seniors in high school, Anthony and Alex are juniors. We were able to record our demo thanks to the newly founded “East Rogues Recording Company™” (named after the street the studio is on). I would also like to welcome Raj Tawney. He will be working with me on the SPARKBOOM music blog.

Raj Tawney is a child of media. From working in the music industry since age 14, Tawney has helped guide the careers of several musical artists, as well as his own band (with a 2008 release on WImageMG). During his musician days, he was also a blogger for Russell Simmons’ He currently operates a small music management firm and was most recently Director of New Media for Book Revue in Huntington, NY, where he established Book Revue TV (via YouTube). He filmed and produced exclusive video content for notable authors, including: Jessica Alba, Dennis Rodman, Al Roker, and more. He is a big supporter of the Long Island music scene and proudly supports SPARKBOOM in their effort to bring the local art community together.

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