Amy Toscano’s “Headquaters” Photographing Personalities


Recently, we met up with Long Island photographer,  Amy Toscano  and chatted for a bit to  find that inspiration comes from the ones closest to you.   If you had to choose a way to describe a friend what part of their personality would you reveal?  Without further ado, welcome to Toscano’s Headquaters – Amy in her own words.

At a very young age I’ve always enjoyed stepping back and looking at the whole picture. I love capturing moments in time and being able to look back and see how things were a few years ago or even just a few seconds ago.


Photographing people and using a lot of color in my work has always been my strengths. Working with a peoples personalities and being able to transfer that into art keeps me to continue shooting. Every being and every situation always brings something different in front of the camera. Inspired by photographer, Nan Goldin, my series shows the different personalities that have influenced by life. Without these distinct and very different people, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Toscano_Skate_1


In the future I am more than motivated to show my work at art shows. I’m excited to show viewers the moments in time that I am able to catch through my love of photography. -Amy Toscano

Check out more of Amy’s photographs here:

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