Like a Living Cartoon…Locally Shot TV Show Is Gaining Scary Traction


By Guillermo Welch

“This is our largest screening yet.” Michael Koscik said, while sporting hours’ worth of make up in a room packed with people at Ohio’s HorrorHound Convention. The lights dimmed and the screen lit up with tales of three off-beat characters getting into trouble, falling out of love as fast as they fell in and looking for acceptance in a world where there is none -that speaks volumes in more ways than one.

The trio reminds you of those stooges and amigos from our film comedy past but there is a catch; they’re monsters. Namely, a Frankenstein Monster, Werewolf and a Zombie by the names of Boris, Wolfgang and Void; they are “The Ghouligans!” a locally-shot TV show gaining the momentum it needs to be a success.


If you grew up watching public access in the 90’s, you may find similarities with the sketch comedy show, Slacker TV and for good reason too; the creators, Sean King, Mike Koscik and Pete Bune got their start there. To this day, they’re recognized and remembered for it, and though those years are long gone everything about them is embodied in the tactfully written, shot and edited “Ghouligans!” miniseries set to wrap production within months.

It is like watching a living cartoon. Intentionally cheesy, filled with puns, slapstick, references to pop culture and an enormous cast of monsters; “The Ghouligans!” have something for everyone.


Keep yourself updated on appearances, screenings and more by checking out the links below:

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2 thoughts on “Like a Living Cartoon…Locally Shot TV Show Is Gaining Scary Traction

  1. Can’t wait for this! I LOVE the Ghouligans!

    • SPARKBOOM says:

      Check out the Ghouligans at SPARKBOOM Dead Walk on July 20th at 8:45 PM. They are leading Huntington’s first Zombie Walk and are screening new episodes at The Huntington Arts Council. For more information:

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