Feeling Bliss with Motion Ocean: The Sounds of Paradise


After Hurricane Sandy and a long winter season, it’s difficult to remember that we live on an island and are completely surrounded by beaches. And yet, we travel to faraway lands to experience a feeling of bliss. Thankfully, Motion Ocean will save you the airfare and room service fees, as they take you on a trip through their soulful, Ukelele-driven, tikki torch induced sound waves crashing through your eardrums like a seashell held closely.  733850_586603714692259_1936910004_n

Motion Ocean doesn’t create songs with an intention to cause anxiety, anger, or fear. In fact, they’re implementing quite the opposite. With songs like, “‘Tis a Pity” and “Beauty of the World”, it makes you wonder why there is still no peace in the world. Perhaps, if we all loosened up, poured a drink, put down the smartphone, and turned on MO, we wouldn’t need to travel to lower latitudes to witness paradise. Luckily for you, you can download their “Paradise” EP for FREE at http://www.motionocean.bandcamp.com.

Go see Motion Ocean live at Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville on May 5th. For more information, visit them at http://www.motionoceanmusic.com and “Like” them at http://www.facebook.com/motionoceanmusic.


559866_864324485006_2116370132_n Raj Tawney is a child of media. From working in the music industry since age 14, Tawney has helped guide the careers of several musical artists, as well as his own band (with a 2008 release on WMG). During his musician days, he was also a blogger for Russell Simmons’ GlobalGrind.com. He currently operates a small music management firm and was most recently Director of New Media for Book Revue in Huntington, NY, where he established Book Revue TV (via YouTube). He filmed and produced exclusive video content for notable authors, including: Jessica Alba, Dennis Rodman, Al Roker, and more. He is a big supporter of the Long Island music scene and proudly supports SPARKBOOM in their effort to bring the local art community together.

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