The Contemporary Crooner with a Shot of Jack: Introducing JB Baretsky

25 year-old Popular Jazz singer, JB Baretsky is a rarity. He isn’t simply regurgitating songs from time periods long ago. His voice, his style, and his demeanor act as a space-time-continuum to a world now only experienced when watching TCM. His reality creates our fantasy, which perhaps is why he is adored by audiences all over Long Island and New York City.

He’s not afraid to take a shot of Jack Daniel’s with a fan, between and after sets. He can swear like a sailor but never lose your respect. Baretsky provides all-around entertainment and makes you feel as if you got your money’s worth.

In between songs, he’ll tell jokes. And yes, it gets personal. He gives you a personal performance. He’s not a distanced DJ pressing buttons. His vulnerability is exposed whenever he takes the stage. And as a live performer, that’s all too important, considering a large portion of contemporary artists act as cardboard cutouts to their projected image. But while JB may seem like he’s mimicking a Rat Pack lounge act, he retains is own artistry. He remains in a realm of his own.

You can see JB Baretsky at SparkBoom’s Boom in the Barn on Friday, May 31st for FREE at Conklin Barn. You can also see him perform in New York City this summer.



559866_864324485006_2116370132_n Raj Tawney is a child of media. From working in the music industry since age 14, Tawney has helped guide the careers of several musical artists, as well as his own band (with a 2008 release on WMG). During his musician days, he was also a blogger for Russell Simmons’ He currently operates a small music management firm and was most recently Director of New Media for Book Revue in Huntington, NY, where he established Book Revue TV (via YouTube). He filmed and produced exclusive video content for notable authors, including: Jessica Alba, Dennis Rodman, Al Roker, and more. He is a big supporter of the Long Island music scene and proudly supports SPARKBOOM in their effort to bring the local art community together.


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