Lori Horowitz Expanding Long Islands Art Scene

Lori Horowitz gallery photoBy Jenna Weis

The art community on Long Island as truly been thriving in its recent years thanks to people like Lori Horowitz who has recently opened a new gallery located in Massapequa on June 1st.  Currently the gallery is exhibiting her own work which concentrates on the Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital, the gallery will also represent up and coming artists giving them the space to show their work. She says “The work shown will be more contemporary and in line with the NY and international art scene”.1a Inside Out,card

Lori specializes in sculpture and painting as well as scenic art, and set designing for TV shows and films including “Smash”, “Noah”, “Adams Family “,”Dr. Phil” and more. Her sculptures have been display in recent shows all over the island including Mather Hospital, South Huntington Library, Art League of Long Island, Touro College Gallery and more. She also was a professor at Five Towns College teaching scenic arts and set design for theater and film. In addition to running her own gallery space she is also the owner of Environ Vision Designs which sponsors her new gallery. Lori and a team of designers custom make props, set designs and sculpture in a variety of different mediums to suit any project. This is a full service company established in 1989 where Lori puts forward her years of experience in set design and sculpture to make your vision come alive.

6 Portrait of Kings ParkHer mission is to expand the art community to the south shore of Long Island, she says “I have been quite busy with the new space and am meeting with artists and performers in the area to offer the space as a new networking and cultural arts venue on the south shore.  I am in the process of becoming a non-for profit organization to help the cause.” Currently she is holding an open call for artists with work inspired by their experience during hurricane Sandy called “A Brush With Sandy” where profits will go towards helping to rebuild the community.

3a Pane of the Past

For more information on upcoming shows, open calls, and to view Lori’s work visit http://environvisiondesigns.webs.com/


One thought on “Lori Horowitz Expanding Long Islands Art Scene

  1. Judy says:

    For those who haven’t seen these pieces in person, the photos are good, but they don’t really do justice to the AMAZING sculptures Lori creates. I’m in awe.

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