“MasPaz” with Graffiti

Sao_Paulo_5By Jenna Weis

As an artist, the most rewarding aspect is to have your work be seen and understood by viewers who encounter it. For graffiti artist MasPaz, using the public walls around the world as his canvas gives him access to spreading his message on an ultimate scale, that message being “more peace”, the meaning of his name in Spanish. He was first engaged with the graffiti world from seeing the spray painted murals and tags in his own neighborhood growing up. He says “I was inspired to express myself through graffiti, because it was something unknown and mysterious…As I grew up, I realized the social impact of graffiti.”TheFridge_Collab

The work of MasPaz exudes positivity in the uplifting use of bright colors and animated characters. There’s a very fun and easy going sense to his graffiti, which can be seen in places like Brooklyn, Washington DC, South America, Australia, and Jamaica. Using his talents as an artist to advertise his passion for more peace in society was inevitable for him. He says “I feel as if it is my calling as an artist to do something positive with my art.”

MasPaz also uses his artistic talents to connect with kids by starting a mural workshop that began when he spoke about graffiti and vandalism to an auditorium in the South Bronx, which then lead him to teaching 8th and 9th graders about self expression through art. He explains that the workshop “…teaches them so much from how to use a hammer or pick up a brush which some have never. Mural workshop also shows them that they all have talent, self expression is self expression and that there is no right or wrong form of art.” For MasPaz art is a necessity, he says “Art inspires, makes kids think, saves lives and is everywhere. The world needs as much of it as possible!”Paz_11

This artist plans to take his graffiti even further to South East Asia, South Africa, and the Middle East. He says he hopes to “work with more kids, more people and keep raising money for the orphanage that I came from in Colombia.” MasPaz donates 5% of each sale from his site to the orphanage in Bogota, Columbia, giving back to his roots in his own way. It seems that no matter where his art takes him, his devotion to bring peace and positivity to the world will always be top priority.

He will be at the Huntington Arts Council for SPARKBOOM’s “Off the Walls” event making his art in real time! Come see his work on August 24th at 2 o’clock pm.

To see his work displayed around the world visit http://maspaz.co/


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