“Human Creations Coexisting with Natures Creations” – Jenevieve Reid

By Jenna Weis
NYC artist Jenevieve Reid has always been inspired to make art. She says “I’ve always been an artist. Instead of outgrowing it like most, I embraced Art.” Reid studied painting at Cooper Union School of Art experimenting with a more academic photo-realistic style, landscapes, and even some public street art. She ventured in many different mediums and has embraced abstraction in her recent work which combines techniques including silkscreen, painting, stencils, and collages.

Reid says “Balance is always an underlying theme” in her work with an interest in “human creations coexisting with natures creations” artfully done as she sees fit. Nature has intrigued her the most and she believes it is the basis of everything around us, which corresponds with her expressionistic pieces in the organic treatment of brush strokes juxtaposed with silk screened urban man-made images and images from nature. Each aspect of her art is thoughtful to this idea of our natural surroundings being essential to the vitality of mankind.
The contrasting mediums coexisting melodically as well as her intuitive contribution in her work illustrate her talents as an artist. What’s interesting is her use of silkscreen which has a reputation of looking unnatural and doesn’t tie in to the overall statement, but her manipulation of the silkscreen displays a more alive image rather than merely mass produced. “I’ve always tried to use it in an intimate way and place the prints as a moment; as a small part of something larger” she explains “Many of my paintings begin with spray paint or a big paintbrush. It’s my warm up stretch and helps lay out a general composition. Then maybe some pencils, stencils or collaging…The biggest part of the process is seeing the picture in my mind and holding onto it long enough to paint it.” Still a contributor to the street art scene, Reid creates paste ups and smaller works with an art collective group in New York called 624713ART and says she is “always open to public art opportunities.”
Reid produces pictures that are visually engaging with an audacious color palette and images that adapt naturally together, adding an inventive twist to the characteristic mixed media works. She explains that she hopes her art will“prompt viewers to take interest and possibly responsibility in the land they live on and the air we breath and to understand how closely their existence is tied to nature.” Her work will be on exhibit at SPARKBOOM’s “Post No Bill” event, August 24th 6-8pm at the Huntington Arts Council.

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