By Darryl Maraj


(Photo Credit: Bare Bones VM / Cory Ingram)

This Is All Now is five piece pop rock outfit, featuring some very talented musicians from across the entire island, spanning from Maspeth to Rocky Point. The inception of the band however, came about at SUNY Oneonta, where Rocky Point native, Okan Kazdal (Singer) and Louie Malpeli (Guitar) from Woodmere, met each other. The chemistry was instant, and they began writing and making demos of songs together.

Once they returned home, they knew the were going to start this band. So, as something akin to the post-credit scene in Marvel movies, Okan and Louie started assembling their team. Okan called his longtime friend Jordan, from Miller Place. And just like that, they had their second guitarist. Okan also knew Lindenhurst bassist, Thomas Angenbroich. However, at the time, Thomas was already committed to another band. Okan, begged Thomas to jump ship, and start up with this new project. By some strange, almost mystic, twist of unexplainable fate, the band that Thomas was part of dissolved. This allowed him the freedom to become a part of this new group. All that was needed now was a drummer. Louie remembered meeting a drummer at Warped Tour some time before. Louie scoured his contacts and found Mikey Pittelli from Maspeth. Louie sent a text, sure to make Mikey want to join their endeavors; “Want to join my band? We’ve got pizza.” Nailed it.

The group went straight into the studio and recorded their song, “Wasting Time.” Actually, most of the songs written by these guys are done in the studio. Someone will come in with some kind of musical idea or riff. Then everyone goes to work working on their own part. As someone who tries to write songs, I have to mention how impressive this is for me; songwriting is no simple task. But these guys do this all the time.

Though they are trying to forge their own path, the members of This Is All Now still draw influences from bands such as All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, The Starting Line, Simple Plan and Story of the Year. One of the main facets of This Is All Now’s music is the high-energy, carefree and overall fun sound. They want those listening to them to just cut loose and have a great time! And it’s really hard not to when you hear them.

This Is All Now are hitting some huge milestones in the not so distant future. It all starts with the release of their third album called “Nightmare.” The band touts that this album is a return to their pop-rock roots, but with a heavier emphasis on the rock aspect. The guys will also be starting a US tour, hitting cities like Orlando, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York! They are extremely excited.

You can check out This Is All Now and other fantastic musical acts at SPARKBOOM’s FREE CONCERT – Sound Buffet –  Sunday, July 20th starting at 6:30 at the Rainbow Chapin Stage, Hecksher Park in Huntington. Bring your blankets, picnic baskets, and an appetite for great music! RSVP via Facebook here!



Darryl Maraj graduated from Five Towns College with a degree in Music Education. At Five Towns, he worked with the great vocal professional and renowned educator, Stephen C. Pagano in jazz, classical, Broadway and pop styles of singing. Currently, Darryl splits his time between his job at the Islip School District, his church- where he is the Music Coordinator, and his band, Slang ( When taking a break from music, Darryl likes to draw, play video games and attempt cooking.



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