Learn the Ins and Outs of Cosplay with Marie Grey

marie grey auror cosplayIf you are skeptical about entering the world of Cosplay, you are not alone. Marie Grey originally felt the same way but now she is a renowned cosplayer in the community with over 6,000 likes on Facebook. Grey reflected on her first cosplaying experience, stating; “I was actually coerced into going to New York Comic Con in 2009 because it was right around a friend’s birthday weekend. She asked if we could cosplay together, and I reluctantly agreed…

I thought what everyone else thought: Dressing up as cartoon characters is for Halloween. But I actually had an amazing time making friends and geeking out about series that I loved. Five and a half years later, I’m still at it.”

She’s still at it and going strong. At Cosplay Sunday, shmarie grey poison ivye will be presenting a lecture Sunday: “Why I Cosplay: One Cosplayer’s Story”, where you can learn more about cosplay. She recalls; “At first, cosplay was just a way to make new friends with similar interests. After three years, I started making my own costumes and found myself getting sucked into the creative process. Working on costumes is now a stress-reliever…even though I give myself really short deadlines sometimes! I never really know what I’m doing so when something works out, it gives me a boost of confidence to keep working on things.”

Her first cosplay was Soi Fong from the anime, “Bleach”. She has difficulty choosing what not to cosplay because there are so many characters she finds through video games. “I’m attracted to anything with a good story and an interesting cast. If I like the character’s personality and design, and it’s something I think I can pull it off, it’s getting added to my to-do-list. I have about 100 there right now! I haven’t figured out a method for prioritizing them just yet. I kind of just pick whichever speak to me the most at the time.”

Ryuko marie greyShe doesn’t quite know how she got so popular on Facebook but she certainly doesn’t think she is famous and doesn’t pay attention to the numbers. She uses her status only to help new individuals in the community. “I’ve been invited to a few relatively local events as a guest, but I’m trying to put my focus on running beginner cosplay panels at conventions because that’s something I wish I had available when I first started making my own costumes. But I’m still a regular person. I work a full-time office job, I pay bills, and in my free time, I fabricate costumes and props.”

An encouraging Grey says:

“Even if it seems a little weird, I encourage everyone to try it out! Everyone’s a fan of something, and it’s a great feeling when someone comes up to you with a big grin on their face because they like that thing too!”

You can try it out this Sunday at Cosplay Sunday at Escape Pod Comics and learn directly from Marie Grey about what cosplay is all about. If you come to the event, in costume, you will even receive a free comic!

RSVP to CosPlay Sunday here!

Visit Marie on Facebook here!


alyssapicAlyssa Hesse is an intern at SPARKBOOM™ and studying Business Management at Adelphi University. When Alyssa isn’t working, she can be found on her unicycle or with her three cats.. When she graduates next year she hopes to make a career in industrial stage management.

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