Becoming KO Cosplay

Euphoria Cosplay Studios-KO

Taken by Euphoria Cosplay Studios

KO Cosplay goes above and beyond in the world of cosplay. She has over 215,000 likes on Facebook, and has completed 30 costumes since 2011. She makes and even sells her own costumes and props. She has won many awards for her cosplay including being an Otaku House North American Finalist two years in a row from 2012-2013.  I got the inside scoop from KO Cosplay about her humble beginnings to the world renowned cosplayer she is today.


  What got you into cosplay?

“A few friends of mine and I were watching Gurren Lagann and they told me that I should cosplay Yoko. I didn’t know what cosplay was until they opened up Google and showed me this whole new world. I thought I could give it a try, so I bought a Yoko costume on eBay, made certain pieces that arrived looking like trash, and commissioned the rifle. I had a blast at my first convention and everyone was so welcoming. I decided to try it again at other small, local events until I was making my own costumes and traveling to conventions in other states. The rest is history!”

What does Cosplay mean to you?

“Cosplay, for me, is a way to creatively express myself while also creating new and exciting challenges. Not to mention it’s pretty much how I’ve met all my friends!”

Cozpho Photography-KO

Taken by Cozpho Photography

How do you choose your cosplay? 

“I choose to cosplay characters that I connect with on a personal level through their histories or personalities. Most of my characters will also have a sleek, badass appearance as well.”

Who was your first cosplay?

“Technically Link from the Legend of Zelda.”

How did you learn to make your own costumes?

“Google and Youtube with the occasional asking friends for advice. I’m dead serious.”

Aperture Ashley-KO

Taken by Aperture Ashley

You have over 200,000 likes on Facebook, how did you come to that fame in the cosplay community?

“Facebook implemented a “similar/suggested pages” program in the pages app. I somehow came up on some popular cosplayers’ “similar page” radar and the likes just came pouring in over the span of a few months. To this day, I still don’t know why it happened; I don’t think I’m anything special.”

Has your popularity in the cosplay community changed things for you as a cosplayer at all?

“I don’t consider myself popular. I’m just a geek who likes to make costumes and goofs around and drinks at conventions. The likes don’t change much except that they fool people into thinking I’m “famous”!”


With all the conventions she goes to and the work she puts into it we are lucky to be able to welcome her to Cosplay Sunday! If you have more questions that weren’t answered here Don’t fret as she will hosting her own Q&A session at Cosplay Sunday and if you’re not already one of the thousands of people who like her on Facebook, click here for all her updates!


alyssapicAlyssa Hesse is an intern at SPARKBOOM™ and studying Business Management at Adelphi University. When Alyssa isn’t working, she can be found on her unicycle or with her three cats.. When she graduates next year she hopes to make a career in industrial stage management.


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