Talking With a Living Doll

DollFilleI got a chance to talk to Toshi Salvino who goes by the name of Dollfille. Interested by such a unique name I asked her how it originated. “Dollfille is partly a play on words – doll+ “fille” which means “girl” in French, so I’m a doll-girl, but also a reference to ball-jointed dolls, which are another passion of mine. I own 3 but I had to become one myself. I needed something that could encompass my drawings, my makeup, cosplay, etc. so Dollfille is my name for “everything”.”

Her inner child came out when asked what cosplay means to her. “It’s like Halloween every day!” However, Dollfille proves that cosplay is more than just dressing up like it’s Halloween again, it really is a unique artdollfille3form that requires a lot of skill. “Cosplay is an acting challenge. I like to cosplay as characters whose roles really strike a chord within me or I have a lot in common with. But for my personal fashion – it’s my own artwork!”

“I am letting others see me the way I see myself.”

With cosplay you can be anyone you want which is what makes it so magical, if you want to be a princess for a day, you can be. “My very first cosplay was Kairi from Kingdom Hearts ! We looked similar, I always had a thing about secretly being a princess…I even wore her uniform to school quite often!”

Whether you have done cosplay forever or just starting out, she offers great advice for everyone, “Cosplay isn’t about who’s better or who has the best costume – it’s about the pure love for a character and about FUN and about making new friends. While I am in full sudollfille2pport of slaving away, making a costume as perfect as it can be, there’s nothing wrong with buying one just to wear it and enjoy it! The characters we love and identify with really help us each explore ourselves deeper as people -so isn’t cosplay as someone letting the world know a little bit more about yourself?”

If you love halloween as much as Dollfille then grab your costume or make a new one and show it off with pride on Sunday July 20th at Cosplay Sunday at Escape Pod Comics where you can meet Dollfille in person!



alyssapicAlyssa Hesse is an intern at SPARKBOOM™ and studying Business Management at Adelphi University. When Alyssa isn’t working, she can be found on her unicycle or with her three cats.. When she graduates next year she hopes to make a career in industrial stage management.



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