Jeffrey Allen Price – Reconfiguring What is Mundane

By Jenna Weisbrickolages_wall_full_corner_test6_20_14sm

With his inventive methods in recomposing materials and symbolic gestures, the work of Jeffrey Allen Price is something to take a deeper look at. Broken down into several series of works all named by literal puns from the artist it is the reaction from nature that grounds these pieces. As a jack of all trades in the art world from paintings to performance art to installations, Price chose to encounter his art his own way using materials from his own life and his studio to assist. As a result aesthetically beautiful and intriguing works of art is created with unconventional, nature relying processes, alluding to the passage of time, death, and decay.

This artist has truly been dedicated to his work for the past 20 years not only collecting materials but also tending to his ABSORPTION MODULES. ABMODS, for short, is paper that has been stained with natural substances, weighed dimageown outdoors for a significant amount of time to be affected by nature. Prepared stacks of paper un-perfected by nature combined with the precise amount of care by Price, as if tending to a garden. He explains “After a period of weeks or months, I determine by aesthetic “feel” which GardenStacks are “ripe” and ready to be “harvested.”  They are then collected, dried and prepared to be “consumed,” or made ready for exhibition.” The natural process of the decaying paper corresponds to the same process of death. Price states “Their slowly disintegrating surfaces mimic the process of death. Absorption Modules absorb time.”

Jeffrey Allen Price will be exhibiting his work at SPARKBOOM’s ArtSpace Unplugged event Saturday, August 9th from 6-10 PM at 20 Terry Street in Patchogue, NY. Come experience his ritualistic configuration of the mundane. RSVP via Facebook here.

Explore Jeffrey’s website here:


rain roomJenna Weis grew up on Long Island and graduated from Commack High School in 2007. She received her Associates Degree in Visual Arts from Suffolk Community College then went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Criticism from Stony Brook University. This is her second summer working for SPARKBOOMTM, first as Lead Blogger. She hopes the blog will really engage readers to want to see more of the artists work at our SPARKBOOMTM events and help further promote the artists themselves.

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