Geraldine Lozano – Unfolding the Riddle Inside the Enigma

By Erin Corrigan


From the essence of the largest city in the Northern Peruvian rainforest, emerged a beautiful and talented woman by the name of Geraldine Lozano. An editor of reality, as well as a preserver of delicate spaces, Lozano’s work is inspired by courageous individuals, development of transformation and the captivating, natural elements of the universe.

A wide range of mediums fit the palette of Ms. Lozano quite effortlessly. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in multidisciplinary studio, alongside a Master of Fine Arts degree in conceptual art, it is easy to recognize her involvement and dedication to an assortment of varying artistic angles. Geraldine quotes, “The medium is not the important part of making art. If I have an idea that involves a skill I don’t possess, I’ll take a class to learn it to make my art work.”  Her artistic mediums comes from a versatile list, allowing her to concentrate different creative ideas into very divergent beings. Painting, photography, cinematography, sculpting and installation each play an important, possessive role when it comes to expressing her daily-dose of inspiration.

inthewombofmotherearth2When following through with a desire or career indicative of art, Geraldine conveyed the importance behind challenging ones talent, as well as being true to oneself. She claimed that once she began to pursue her career as an artist she would do whatever takes in order to stay within the realm of creative fields. Geraldine also asserted the importance in terms of distancing herself from becoming too picky. The title held in front of jobs such as a textile designer, photo editor or an art consultant were irrelevant; as long as the trade called for the use of her imagination, along with a healthy dose of art, she knew her creative spirit would be more than satisfied.

You can view Geraldine Lozano’s mysteriously powerful works of art at SPARKBOOM’s “ArtSpace Unplugged” event Saturday August 9th from 6-10PM located on 20 Terry Street in Patchogue. With this occasion featuring over 40 different artists, four live musical acts, free Craft Beer courtesy of Saint James Brewery and a selection of tasty treats thanks to Mia’s River Avenue Deli… It sort of makes it impossible for you not to come. So RSVP here via FB and I promise you won’t regret it! You can also pay a visit to her webpage at


IMG_1801Erin Corrigan is an aspiring writer with an open mind. She believes that music, art and poetry are the essential nutrients for every soul. Giving a voice to the budding faces of the literary and fine arts community is what she’s here to accomplish!

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