Jimmy Doyle and The Engineers – The People’s Punk

jd1By Patrick Peterson

New to the SPARKBOOM™ scene, Jimmy Doyle and the Engineers are playing at the Cinema Arts Centre’s 30th Anniversary event for the Talking Head’s legendary film, “Stop Making Sense (RSVP here via FB)”.  Although it’s his first event with us, he’s attended many films at the C.A.C., so he’s happy to be involved and the arts in general.

He cares a lot about the arts, stating; “Playing music is what makes me the happiest in life.” Having started playing music when he was nine, with the usual band stuff. His musical talents continued to progress to the guitar during middle school and from there, he started developing bands. One of particular note, is The FAD.


Photo Credit: @xmikox516

“I’ve been singing in a punk band called The Fad.  We temporarily disbanded in 2008 after an unfortunate van accident, while on tour in Colorado, left us without the means to continue traveling”, Jimmy says. After that, Jimmy continued to play in a few other bands over the years. “I decided to start something for me, which is how JDATE started about two years ago”, he recalls.

Though he thinks that he won’t make a world-wide impact, he would like to get back to touring like he used to. But it’s hard to doubt that he won’t at least impact the local crowd with some of his most endearing songs. Like one of his most heartfelt songs, “I’ll Come See You”, which you can stream here via Quote Unquote Records.

This is a really important song to him, Jimmy writes: “My friend Mitch Dubey was a fantastic person oozing with positivity. He was killed in his CT home a few years back during a home invasion.  One day, I got upset thinking about it and decided to write a happy-sounding song to pay tribute to the positive guy that he was.”

150951_433766296694378_1677915867_nIf you would like to hear this song and more, check them out on Quote Unquote Records.com, where they offer free music available for download with other great bands such as: Bomb The Music Industry!, Laura Stevenson, Cheap Girls & one of Jimmy’s old bands, Let Me Crazy.

Don’t forget to follow Jimmy Doyle and The Engineers on their Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

And if you’re in a band of your own, Jimmy says, “Tom Malinowski, our guitar player, offers affordable recordings so hit him up.” …Always helping arts – Thanks Jimmy.


IMG_0882Patrick Peterson Growing up, Patrick was nicknamed The Mayor. He had and still had an outgoing personality with a sincere, charming, dedicated personality to those he meets. He’s a writing, photography, and video game enthusiast who likes helping out the little guy.


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