Dan Kudreyko – “Satisfying His Craving for Color”


“Intractable Brain”

By Erin Corrigan

With 10 years of experience working in the position of a Multimedia Visual Artist and Environmental Technician, Dan Kudreyko is someone you could say is lucky enough to be able to thrive each day in something he is utterly passionate about. With his talents ranging from projects such as vinyl wrap, accessory design and web development, to even vendor production, screen-printing and mural projects, it is safe to say that they each play a significant role in Kudreyko’s day to day process of creation. Each and every one of these crafts serves as a muse in his life, while also providing a quality range of expressive flare.

For someone like Dan, the need for exploration and new experiences are simply a must. While even staying within the realm of the United States, he has grown quite fond of the Pacific Northwest and the immense beauty it has to offer. From glacier lakes, beaches and rain forests, Kudreyko says, “Long Island has no idea!”


“Positions of Sleep”

Currently, Kudreyko is titled as the Co-founder of a network determined to accompany the integration of visual artists, musicians, multimedia services and craft production, which is known as ‘The Gypsy Collective’. Among the professional providers and creative talent working together within the system, they specialize in subjects such as fashion, curating, design, live performances, culinary and much, much more.

You can see Dan Kudreyko’s smooth and colorfully thought out paintings and designs at SPARKBOOM’s “ArtSpace Unplugged” event Saturday August 9th from 6-10PM located on 20 Terry Street in Patchogue. With this occasion featuring over 40 different artists, four live musical acts, free Craft Beer courtesy of Saint James Brewery and a selection of tasty treats thanks to Mia’s River Avenue Deli… It sort of makes it impossible for you not to come. So RSVP here via FB and I promise you won’t regret it! For more of Dan Kudreyko’s innovative creations, visit: http://www.thegypsycollective.com/home-page/paintings.


IMG_1801Erin Corrigan is an aspiring writer with an open mind. She believes that music, art and poetry are the essential nutrients for every soul. Giving a voice to the budding faces of the literary and fine arts community is what she’s here to accomplish!

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