Yukito Yoneyama – Emphasis on the Now


“Time Code Table”

By Jenna Weis

Being immersed into the highly diversity of cultures and sights around the US presented artist Yukito Yoneyama the exposure to contemplate a given moment. As a native of Yokohama, Japan, traveling the US has given Yoneyama the resilience to be open to his new surroundings. Living in the moment is what encompasses the mind of this artist. When asked about his fascination with the present moment, he explained “I had spent [a] significant amount of time focusing all my energy and time into ‘living’ for the future. At one point in my life, I found myself realizing that tomorrow never comes. When tomorrow comes, it becomes ‘today’.” With the future an illusion, all we have is the moment we are in to savor.

Yoneyama approaches his art from a spiritual perspective, which visually is highly abstracted with ethereal use of color in his oil paintings or mesmerizing textures in his charcoal and pen and ink pieces. The concept of time and pre-destined plans are irrelevant for Yoneyama who says “What I try to focus on is to stay spontaneous throughout the entire creative process, from the moment when the light bulb goes on while brushing my teeth, listening to my son snore, to the moment the piece leaves my studio.” Thoughts are abandoned and judgments are made in the midst of the creation.


“Five Elements of Fire”

Without the substance of a recognizable image in his work, there is a heavy dependence on the metaphysical. There is no connection to the physical world, just with the mind. Yoneyama explains “you are dealing with something different, such as intuitions, abstract thoughts, and metaphysical questions.” This idea is reflected in the lightness in his work. Free of being judged or compared and just being what it is. In his compressed charcoal piece entitled Time Code Table, we are presented with an image unfolded during the art making process, based off an idea in the moment that abandons time and space. It is as though as a viewer you are forced to savor what is before you and focus on what is here.

Come experience the metaphysical art of Yukito Yoneyama at SPARKBOOMTM‘s Artspace Unplugged event at 20 Terry Street, Patchogue August 9th from 6-10PM. For details, visit our official Facebook event for the show.

To see more of the artists’ work, visit: studioraiyu.com.


rain roomJenna Weis grew up on Long Island and graduated from Commack High School in 2007. She received her Associates Degree in Visual Arts from Suffolk Community College then went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Criticism from Stony Brook University. This is her second summer working for SPARKBOOMTM, first as Lead Blogger. She hopes the blog will really engage readers to want to see more of the artists work at our SPARKBOOMTM events and help further promote the artists themselves.

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