Get On Board with Nonstop to Cairo

nonstopBy Patrick Peterson

LI-based band, Nonstop to Cairo are composed of Andrew Hagerty (Trombone), Agustus Harris (Vocals), David Bartlett (Bass), Matt Ezzo (Drums) and Nick Diamond (Guitar, Vocals). Though they weren’t always in the same band, they were practically always in each other’s lives. Nick and Ezzo, two of the three original founders of the band grew up together and have been friends since grade school. “We met somewhere during first grade or probably even before that. We just knew each other for a long time. My dad (Nick’s father) even gave Ezzo his bass guitar.”

The other members of the crew all went to the same high school. Though some are older than others, and were in different grades, they grew up around the same years. Little did they know, these casual coincidences and meetups would lead to an epic sounding rock band, with sounds like Funk and Ska. An incorporation of sounds that’s leading a continuous journey from their instruments to their fans’ ear drums. Casual fans might question where the name comes from but to the crew, it’s a weird but irreplaceable name.

“The reason we chose our name was actually from an airplane ad(vertisement) on the LIRR. We were nonstop4locked up in the band-room with the trombone player, with a giant list of names that we had to choose from. It was one of the few that we actually didn’t hate,  so it just stuck with us. Yet, even though our name has Cairo in it, we just eventually drew away from it as a place and used it more as a destination.”

Like their name suggests, they have tons of drive and inspiration. They put all their heart into their music, on stage and off. For instance, one of their favorite memories is winning the the 2009 Long Island Music Festival. “We were only together three months at the time”, they said with smiles on their faces. “Yeah, and Nick’s hand was bandaged from a fight with a saw-blade.”, Ezzo recalled. “Yeah, they were sliced off. But we still managed to win the Festival. It was a real underdog story to us. It started the snowball of success that we’re rolling on now. This success has made us lucky enough to play with bands like Fishbone and Gwar. We kind of want to share that same feeling to the fans.”

nonstop3Unfortunately, they feel like they don’t have an avenue to promote their music like a major label band would. Their income as a band is small so they don’t have a large budget for CDs, music videos, and marketing tools. Yet, that’s one of the things that makes them smile the most. What you would think was a weakness is an actually uplifting strength. “We don’t really have the means to sell CDs. We have digital stuff but that’s about it.” And as they do think online streaming helps, it’s the live shows where they confidently stake their claim. They, particularly Augustus, who is the only one without an instrument and has a second hand perspective, and feel that their live performances are out of this world.

“The whole unavailable music thing is why it’s really awesome when we see fans come back to sing along with us. It means that they’ve been to our shows more than once, it means they love seeing us play. It’s one of the things that motivates us to keep playing.”

Playing music, they do. Having performed at least shows in the last three weeks (40 shows total this summer). So what’s next for them? After this huge wave of live concerts end, they plan to go into hibernation. “We want to take a step back and focus on recording. We plan to put out the best thing that we can, together, in a reasonable amount of time. Hopefully, it will not only be life-changing but scene-changing as well. A thing, that will not only bring our band closer together, but also other bands as well”.

They are friends, they are a band, and they are Nonstop to Cairo. Their next flight? Nonstop to Success. Rock on.

See Nonstop to Cairo on Saturday, September 20th as SPARKBOOM hosts “OFF THE WALLS II” at 1520 New York Ave, Huntington Station, NY. The event features a handful of up-and-coming LI music, a BMX bike stunt show, salsa dancing, and 30+ art/business vendors.  RSVP here via Facebook.


IMG_0882Patrick Peterson Growing up, Patrick was nicknamed The Mayor. He had and still had an outgoing personality with a sincere, charming, dedicated personality to those he meets. He’s a writing, photography, and video game enthusiast who likes helping out the little guy.


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