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Life and Beauty – Spoken Words of Steven T. Licardi

stevenbooks2By Jenna Weis

Finding beauty and self-acceptance in our ever-changing modern society can be found with the help of many creative outlets if one allows it. When faced with a struggle early in life, poet, author, and visual artist Steven T. Licardi found his calling in the written word. The West Islip native exudes positivity and brings forth social issues in his poetry to connect with and inspire his audience. Taking the stage from South Hampton to the Upper East Side, Licardi’s greatest personal achievements as a poet are opening for award-winning poet Buddy Wakefield at the Velvet Lounge in East Setauket, and performing throughout California.

Before all of the numerous honorable mentions, awards, and truly making a name for himself in the world of poetry, his journey began with writing as an apparatus for Licardi to express and understand his emotional states. As a child he was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder, which made it difficult to connect with his emotions. Creativity allows Licardi to fully connect his mind and spirit.stevenspeaking1

“I think writing and specifically poetry provided the best way for me to make sense of my emotions. My manifestation of a PDD was a developmental disconnect between my cognitions and my emotions, and the ability to express myself helped to bridge that gap.”

The road of self-remedy has also paved the path of self-discovery for Licardi who has built his confidence and stamina to use his talents to be heard, understood, and cause emotional reaction. This seems to be a driving force for Licardi, as it would for anyone who is immersed in the creative world. To do something of passion that attracts attention as Licardi has accomplished is a true success. Not only his words but his delivery resonates a powerful punch of hope, even when addressing serious issues.

“My writing and my art are inspired by a desire to get people thinking, to explore a facet of culture, of society, of life, or of humanity. That is why a lot of my work deals with social issues (mental health, death, pop culture, etc.) I want people to understand, to think, to feel. To experience something new”10700317_831358190231647_2061123366574394804_o

Once an obstacle, now Licardi praises the mere experience of feeling an emotion, any emotion. What can bring more of an emotional force than the thought of death? Specifically, your own death. The ultimate inevitable end-game we all face has fascinated Licardi for quite some time. He is in the final stages of finishing a novel he began 10 years ago which explores death from the point of view of the main character “Anaximander”. Working on this project has guided Licardi to an unexpected new outlook on life.

MVI_7096.MOV.Still001“If you embrace death, invite it into your home, sit and have a cup of tea with it, take it by the hand and say, “Come with me. Guide me” (because a good guide always knows what your final destination will be), it will show you how precious everything is. A glass of water becomes a delicacy. The fact that nothing will last makes everything beautiful and perfect.”

Licardi’s poetry strengthens our perceptions and challenges us to believe in something, stand up for it, experience new things, and embrace life and all its beauty. He will be performing at SPARKBOOM’S JINGLE BOOM: HOLIDAY BASH event on Saturday, December 20th at Huntington Arts Council’s Main Street Gallery located at 213 Main Street from 6-10PM along with James Kim, Frankie A. Soto, Meredith Nussbaum, and Bri Onishea. There will be craft beer courtesy of Saint James Brewery, treats from Stella Blue Bistro, Hint water, prize giveaways courtesy of Sip Tea Lounge, Lotus Vintage, Kilwins Huntington, and Escape Pod Comics, live music and windows tinsled out by Reme and Caitlyn Shea.


rain roomJenna Weis grew up on Long Island and graduated from Commack High School in 2007. She received her Associates Degree in Visual Arts from Suffolk Community College then went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Criticism from Stony Brook University. This is her second summer working for SPARKBOOMTM, first as Lead Blogger. She hopes the blog will really engage readers to want to see more of the artists work at our SPARKBOOMTM events and help further promote the artists themselves.

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The Definition and Determination of Blameshift


(Photo Credit: Superfan Photography)

By Erin Corrigan

The rock group Blameshift tied the knot on Long Island’s very soil nearly seven years ago. The band originally formed due to the overlapping of local musical projects, which then put them on the search for a talented, dedicated singer.  Jenny Mann, lead vocalist, along with Tim Barbour, lead guitarist/ vocalist, are the original members with a recent shift in the rhythm section as of this past February. The percussion section has been taken over by a new stick hander, Dan Scofield, while the bass guitar is now occupied by Mike Sarkissian.

It is always interesting to understand the origin behind any band’s name, especially when they’re responsible for getting it added to Urban Dictionary! (Seriously – See here). The group title was actually concocted by a former band member, setting the precedent for a very funny and important term when managing the course of a musical career with four different people. Tim Barbour quotes, “No one in a band ever wants to take the 1264105_10152276986578057_2043076070_oheat for anything so you just shift it to another member.” This of course being followed by a playful, smiling emji sent to me from Tim himself.

Blameshift, being an independent band with aspirations larger than life itself, gave the word “determination” a whole new meaning. They have toured the United States for the past five years in a self-proclaimed shuttle bus, which was soon after modified into a mini RV, with the hope and perseverance of making their mark wherever they touched down.

The group has endured many different phases, changes and overall hardships in hopes of seeing their incessant doggedness pave the way to success and gratification. So, with a little help of patience, as well as persistence, the band has accomplished more than they had even thought possible. With endorsements given from some of the largest music companies in the world such as PRS Guitars, Ampeg, Sennheiser and many more, the group has even shared the stage with bands such as Pop Evil, Sick Puppies and Straight Line Stitch; not to mention their awaited performance at the Vans Warped Tour 2014.

The odyssey has only just begun for Blameshift, and they could not be more grateful. So come check them out and support your local musicians at this year’s SOUND BUFFET, presented by SPARKBOOM Sunday July 20th 6:30-10PM located at the Rainbow Chapin Stage in Heckscher Park, Huntington, NY. RSVP via Facebook here!


IMG_1801Erin Corrigan is an aspiring writer with an open mind. She believes that music, art and poetry are the essential nutrients for every soul. Giving a voice to the budding faces of the literary and fine arts community is what she’s here to accomplish!

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