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Dasha Bazanova – Everything is Significant

9642223_origBy Erin Corrigan

Growing up in the country side of Kulikovo, Russia, one could say that Dasha Bazanova’s childhood was unlike many others. Being that there was no running water, Dasha and her grandparents periodically made trips to a local well for fresh water; it was also imperative they stay stocked on plenty of firewood once the cold season began to draw near. At the age of 18, Dasha made her way to Moscow where she enrolled in Moscow State University of International relations. This is where she acquired her first degree, while also taking on the challenge of learning an entirely new language: English. Dasha said that learning English helped tremendously with her career regarding art; allowing her to move her studies to The Big Apple, where she could truly branch out and expand her many horizons.

Although Dasha says painting has come naturally to her from the very beginning, she also projects a great appreciation for a multitude of artistic facets. She states, “I feel happiest and most connected making installations; realizing the work in a new space, and reflecting with the action of placing materials in space. Also, creating and working in clay calms me down and brings me to an inner dialog, 774310_origand brings me some fresh ideas.”

Being that Ms. Bazanova is a Mixed Media artist, she feels the need to work with all types of artistic outlets; as should any open-minded creator. She believes her developments are connected to everything from places, to experiences, to brief moments in time, and so forth.

Dasha is a strong believer in the notion behind everything having potential to become something significant, and harnesses a great sense of recognition for all kinds of art. The list extends anywhere from objects to materials, to media and styles. She believes it is in every artist’s best interest to stay away from using the word favorite. To her, this can leave a person in a risky position, causing them to develop a one-track mind and a loss of exploration. Everything has the potential for collaboration and layering, creating something that is unique and remarkable from what is was before.

Ms. Bazanova will ha9028482_origve her installations and artwork on display from the first of October to the first of November at the Islip Art Museum hosted by SPARKBOOMTM. The closing reception will take place on Saturday November 1st, “Things Are Getting Hairy”, featuring a Hair Sculpture Show, tasty treats, live music, a Mythological Costume Contest, and of course, all of the talented artist’s work on display. If you are interested, check out the official FB event.



IMG_1801Erin Corrigan is an aspiring writer with an open mind. She believes that music, art and poetry are the essential nutrients for every soul. Giving a voice to the budding faces of the literary and fine arts community is what she’s here to accomplish!

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KB Jones and The Kontraband – The Expedition Through One Note at a Time

KB Jones & the kontrabandBy Erin Corrigan

KB Jones, also known as Daniel Munoz, takes a multifaceted form when engaging in what he loves most. With flares of pop, hip hop and classic rock, Mr. Jones and his group “The Kontraband” string together to create a funky-fresh approach to music that coats the idea of realism and authenticity.

Daniel Munoz himself takes responsibility for the vocals and production. In regards to the rest of the young musicians, the guitar is handled by Steve Gornic, the bass guitar by Andrew DeMatteo and the percussion section by Mike DeConzo.

When asked the question behind what keeps Daniel inspired, he responded with the influence of his overall surroundings, as well as the day-to-day individuals that enter his life. Something that may seem commonplace to some is merely a palate of creation to others.

10561800_10152281492086984_6205384801003013157_nMunoz’s music does not exactly fit into a precise genre like a square hole to a square peg. His beats play on the realm of funky, yet pragmatic; adding hints of emotional satisfaction -actually telling a story to the person wearing the headphones.

Anywhere from SoundCloud, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter and Tumblr, you can find KB and his crew mixing up styles and putting forth new music one song at a time. Daniel says that their ultimate goal behind their musical career is to have as many listeners and supporters as possible; making it their dream to pursue such as passion that also doubles as a permanent career. Here is just a little taste of what him and his group work diligently to create: “Journey Man”  – STREAM HERE!

Come see KB Jones and The Kontraband this Saturday, September 20th at SPARKBOOM’s second annual “OFF THE WALLS” event at 1520 New York Ave, Huntington Station, NY. This occasion will feature a handful of Long Island’s newest musicians, a BMX bike stunt show, salsa dancing, and over thirty art and business vendors.  So don’t miss out and RSVP here via Facebook.

For more on KB Jones and The Kontraband, visit their Facebook, Instagram or their Website.


IMG_1801Erin Corrigan is an aspiring writer with an open mind. She believes that music, art and poetry are the essential nutrients for every soul. Giving a voice to the budding faces of the literary and fine arts community is what she’s here to accomplish!

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Geraldine Lozano – Unfolding the Riddle Inside the Enigma

By Erin Corrigan


From the essence of the largest city in the Northern Peruvian rainforest, emerged a beautiful and talented woman by the name of Geraldine Lozano. An editor of reality, as well as a preserver of delicate spaces, Lozano’s work is inspired by courageous individuals, development of transformation and the captivating, natural elements of the universe.

A wide range of mediums fit the palette of Ms. Lozano quite effortlessly. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in multidisciplinary studio, alongside a Master of Fine Arts degree in conceptual art, it is easy to recognize her involvement and dedication to an assortment of varying artistic angles. Geraldine quotes, “The medium is not the important part of making art. If I have an idea that involves a skill I don’t possess, I’ll take a class to learn it to make my art work.”  Her artistic mediums comes from a versatile list, allowing her to concentrate different creative ideas into very divergent beings. Painting, photography, cinematography, sculpting and installation each play an important, possessive role when it comes to expressing her daily-dose of inspiration.

inthewombofmotherearth2When following through with a desire or career indicative of art, Geraldine conveyed the importance behind challenging ones talent, as well as being true to oneself. She claimed that once she began to pursue her career as an artist she would do whatever takes in order to stay within the realm of creative fields. Geraldine also asserted the importance in terms of distancing herself from becoming too picky. The title held in front of jobs such as a textile designer, photo editor or an art consultant were irrelevant; as long as the trade called for the use of her imagination, along with a healthy dose of art, she knew her creative spirit would be more than satisfied.

You can view Geraldine Lozano’s mysteriously powerful works of art at SPARKBOOM’s “ArtSpace Unplugged” event Saturday August 9th from 6-10PM located on 20 Terry Street in Patchogue. With this occasion featuring over 40 different artists, four live musical acts, free Craft Beer courtesy of Saint James Brewery and a selection of tasty treats thanks to Mia’s River Avenue Deli… It sort of makes it impossible for you not to come. So RSVP here via FB and I promise you won’t regret it! You can also pay a visit to her webpage at geralozano.com.


IMG_1801Erin Corrigan is an aspiring writer with an open mind. She believes that music, art and poetry are the essential nutrients for every soul. Giving a voice to the budding faces of the literary and fine arts community is what she’s here to accomplish!

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The Definition and Determination of Blameshift


(Photo Credit: Superfan Photography)

By Erin Corrigan

The rock group Blameshift tied the knot on Long Island’s very soil nearly seven years ago. The band originally formed due to the overlapping of local musical projects, which then put them on the search for a talented, dedicated singer.  Jenny Mann, lead vocalist, along with Tim Barbour, lead guitarist/ vocalist, are the original members with a recent shift in the rhythm section as of this past February. The percussion section has been taken over by a new stick hander, Dan Scofield, while the bass guitar is now occupied by Mike Sarkissian.

It is always interesting to understand the origin behind any band’s name, especially when they’re responsible for getting it added to Urban Dictionary! (Seriously – See here). The group title was actually concocted by a former band member, setting the precedent for a very funny and important term when managing the course of a musical career with four different people. Tim Barbour quotes, “No one in a band ever wants to take the 1264105_10152276986578057_2043076070_oheat for anything so you just shift it to another member.” This of course being followed by a playful, smiling emji sent to me from Tim himself.

Blameshift, being an independent band with aspirations larger than life itself, gave the word “determination” a whole new meaning. They have toured the United States for the past five years in a self-proclaimed shuttle bus, which was soon after modified into a mini RV, with the hope and perseverance of making their mark wherever they touched down.

The group has endured many different phases, changes and overall hardships in hopes of seeing their incessant doggedness pave the way to success and gratification. So, with a little help of patience, as well as persistence, the band has accomplished more than they had even thought possible. With endorsements given from some of the largest music companies in the world such as PRS Guitars, Ampeg, Sennheiser and many more, the group has even shared the stage with bands such as Pop Evil, Sick Puppies and Straight Line Stitch; not to mention their awaited performance at the Vans Warped Tour 2014.

The odyssey has only just begun for Blameshift, and they could not be more grateful. So come check them out and support your local musicians at this year’s SOUND BUFFET, presented by SPARKBOOM Sunday July 20th 6:30-10PM located at the Rainbow Chapin Stage in Heckscher Park, Huntington, NY. RSVP via Facebook here!


IMG_1801Erin Corrigan is an aspiring writer with an open mind. She believes that music, art and poetry are the essential nutrients for every soul. Giving a voice to the budding faces of the literary and fine arts community is what she’s here to accomplish!

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Shaakir Thomas – Beyond the Portrait


“Spike lee” – Medium: Mix Media on Panel

By Erin Corrigan

Shaakir Thomas is a talented painter and visual artist, who currently resides in Long Beach, Long Island. His premier focus is dedicated to creating vivacious portraits of people who inspire him most. Currently, Shaakir attends Pratt Institute, striving toward a bachelor’s degree in Illustration and Communications Design. For him, inspiration can really come from anywhere. Certain outlets such as the media, new music, art exhibitions, varying creative pieces and enlightening conversation with others, all play a significant role in Shaakir’s relationship with his own visionary process.


“Gustav Klimt Sketch” – Medium: Watercolor on Paper

For most talented artists, time and money are simply imperative. Shaakir’s chief focus is devoted to painting, but says that it all truly depends upon the amount of time he has on his hands, as well as the amount of cash he has in his pocket. For someone currently enrolled in one of the top twenty colleges in the Regional Universities North category, I believe it is safe to say that the work Mr. Thomas produces is more than respectable; considering what he has to juggle in order to keep a healthy cushion for his artistry. Shaakir says that when he is really crunched for time, he is more inclined to work on components such as charcoal drawings and dry medium pieces. Seeing as though the supplies required for such projects come at a much lower price, Shaakir is ready and able to keep his creative hand moving, without breaking the bank. Regardless of the ingredients used when developing varying works of art, each portrait seems to hold a very significant meaning.


“Bella” – Medium: Oil on Canvas

One piece in specific is titled “Portrait of Lupita”. This masterful work of vibrant, contrasting colors, displays the image of actress Lupita Nyong’o. Shaakir shared with me the inspiration he drew through Lupita’s acceptance speech at the 2014 Oscars. Lupita selflessly put forth her story regarding self acceptance and beauty, influencing Shaakir to create a portrait where all of that courage could shine through and present a loud, confident statement. Not only does Shaakir focus on putting a genuine foundation beneath each of his portraits, he also manages to incorporate a certain energy that illuminates each and every one of them.

Come check out Shaakir Thomas’ effervescent oil, acrylic and water color art displays at this year’s SPARKBOOM kickoff event “Beards, Bards, and BOOM” on Saturday, June 21st at the Walt Whitman Birthplace from 7-10 PM.  You won’t be disappointed! These pieces will also be available for purchase.


IMG_1801Erin Corrigan is an aspiring writer with an open mind. She believes that music, art and poetry are the essential nutrients for every soul. Giving a voice to the budding faces of the literary and fine arts community is what she’s here to accomplish!

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Vincent Osmers – Art for Any Appetite

CIMG8663By Erin Corrigan

The definition of art is nothing more than a palette, coated with different ideas, processes and meanings that seem to change depending upon whose hand the palette sits in. For someone like Vincent Osmers, customized pottery, portrait paintings, sculptures and large-scale murals have all contributed to his personalized expression through art.

Mr. Osmers is a Queens, New York based artist, currently working towards a Master’s degree in Art Education at Queens College. As a child, Vincent always enjoyed creating art. He soon realized that it was something he had quite a knack for. Once he made his way to high school, he quickly began to acknowledge that it would always be a part of who he was, and fully represent his creative being. Influences that seem to contribute a sturdy backbone to Vincent’s work come from a long list, allowing him to hone in on his intended outcome.

Vincent mainly draws inspiration from nature’s curiosities; indefinitely shining through some of the pieces you see on this very page. Something that has also manCIMG8662ifested itself in Vincent’s artwork would be the touch of ancient cultures. Egyptian and African art play a significant role in the development of his personified creations. Although Vincent’s art takes on a primeval look and feel, he also finds inspiration from prominent artists such as Picasso, Dali, Bernini, Rodin, H.R. Giger, Matthew Barney, and Tom Otterness.

When given the opportunity to experiment with different mediums, and explore the endless depths of creativity, Vincent is able to discover alternative outlets regarding his art work. For someone like Mr. Osmers, having to narrow down a favored style of art expression just is not possible. Considering that there are varying techniques between that of sculpting and painting, Vincent could not imagine giving one style more praise than the other. His creative process begins with a handful of formal ideas he intends to generate, either out of clay, or with a paint brush to canvas. He says that intuition plays a noteworthy role in deciding many factors along the way, in order to obtain the ultimate goal. Vincent himself, quotes;

“The creation process is like a living organism, evolving and changing to become something unique and extraordinary.”

Untitled 3Vincent Osmers will be displaying his fantasy-like figures, as well as his idiosyncratic paintings at SPARKBOOM‘s 2014 KICKOFF EVENT – “Beards, Bards and BOOM” on Saturday, June 21st, at The Walt Whitman Birthplace. There will be spoken word, live music, awesome art displays and an outdoor sculpture garden!

For more info, visit sparkboom.org. RSVP to our FB event here.

To see more of the artists work visit http://osmersart.wordpress.com/.


IMG_1801Erin Corrigan is an aspiring writer with an open mind. She believes that music, art and poetry are the essential nutrients for every soul. Giving a voice to the budding faces of the literary and fine arts community is what she’s here to accomplish!

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As a new, exciting season arrives in the SPARKBOOMTM world, we are proud to have a team of talented writers who are in-tune with Long Island’s emerging, creative talent….So, without further ado, meet our bloggers:

ImageJenna Weis grew up on Long Island and graduated from Commack High School in 2007. She received her Associates Degree in Visual Arts from Suffolk Community College then went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Criticism from Stony Brook University. This is her second summer working for SPARKBOOMTM, first as Lead Blogger. She hopes the blog will really engage readers to want to see more of the artists work at our SPARKBOOMTM events and help further promote the artists themselves.

MImageoe Tompkins, a native of Islip, New York, holds a double degree in jazz studies and music education from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM). Upon acceptance to the College-Conservatory of Music he began simultaneous study both with Ray Charles Orchestra alumnus Marc Fields, and Tim Anderson of the Dayton Philharmonic. For several years he worked as a highly-in-demand trombonist on the Cincinnati scene and beyond playing everything from salsa, to reggae, neo-brass band sharing the stage with the likes of Streetlight Manifesto, The Aggrolites, and Foxy Shazam, just to name a few. He currently resides in Islip, working with the Long Island Arts Alliance and finally pursuing his own musical vision with his original group Slang (facebook.com/slangthebandli). When not making music, Moe can typically be found enjoying horror movies, fusion jazz, or White Castle.

Caitlyn SImagehea is a professional fine art painter. She studied Studio Art and Art History at Pratt Institute and Skidmore College before graduating with a BFA from Adelphi University in 2011. Outside of her studio, Shea is captivated by the pluralism that exists in art today, and the ways in which individual artists define themselves and their practices in order to carve out a unique career. By interviewing participating SPARKBOOMTM artists, Shea looks to develop a dialogue between practicing artists and an audience that does not only include other art experts, but people who have a newfound urge to become involved in experiencing the work of fresh, exciting artists.


Darryl Maraj graduated from Five Towns College with a degree in Music Education. At Five Towns, he worked with the great vocal professional and renowned educator, Stephen C. Pagano in jazz, classical, Broadway and pop styles of singing. Currently, Darryl splits his time between his job at the Islip School District, his church- where he is the Music Coordinator, and his band, Slang (facebook.com/slangthebandli). When taking a break from music, Darryl likes to draw, play video games and attempt cooking.


Steven T. Licardi (The Sven-Bo!) is the author of “Death By Active Movement” (Local Gems Press, 2013) and is a spoken word poet, actor, artist, and public speaker from West Islip, NY. Steven uses his many projects to raise awareness of social issues, for advocacy, and as a means to educate others to be compassionate. He hosts as blog called “Cross My Heart And Hope To Write” that explores the relationship between love, beauty, and the human condition. Find out where he will be performing next at TheSvenBo.com.

ImageErin Corrigan is an aspiring writer with an open mind. She believes that music, art and poetry are the essential nutrients for every soul. Giving a voice to the budding faces of the literary and fine arts community is what she’s here to accomplish!

Be on the lookout for fresh, weekly articles from our Bloggers, as they cover the local scene and expose the best talent that Long island has to offer!

– SB

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