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Joanna Del Giudice is Uniquely Dipherent


By  Jill Archibald

In the past few years, our society has placed a heavy emphasis on becoming environmentally conscious, and no one has embraced this initiative quite as creatively as artist and designer Joanna Del Giudice. She crochets and makes jewelry in different ways- with your forgotten plastic bags, film from cassette and VHS tapes, and other unconventional materials.

The artist, who was taught to crochet by her grandmother, describes herself as always being environmentally conscious. However, she decided to take this passion to a new level when preparing her undergraduate honors art thesis. She began to crochet with plastic yarn, called plarn, which she made from plastic bags. She started off with a handbag and a week later she was making articles of clothing. Joanna continued this concept into her graduate work, and began crocheting full ensembles.


From there, she continued to combine her passion for the environment with her skill of crocheting, which resulted in bangles made of cassette film crocheted around used tape rolls, earrings made of can tabs, and other accessories.

Although Joanna Del Giudice has plenty of materials, such as plastic bags ranging in colors of bright pink to sunflower yellow, there’s no need to call her a bag lady. “I have people who literally collect bags for me,” the artist laughed when asked how she gathers her materials.

When Joanna Del Giudice isn’t adding a new piece to her fashion line, Uniquely Dipherent, she can be found guest teaching and presenting plarn macramé across Long Island. The artist continues to apply to galleries with the intention of making the public more aware of the environment. “I want people to have to take a second look at what the item is.”

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Joanna Del Giudice’s fashion can be found on her Etsy site, Uniquely Dipherent, and more information about the artist can be accessed through her Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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