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Christine Sweeney – Life is Music, Music is Life

sycamore 0113By Darryl Maraj

I first met Christine Sweeney two years ago when we both worked in a music store. I was behind the counter, and she taught lessons. During our breaks, Sweeney (which is what I solely knew her as) and I would talk mostly about crazy store patrons and Breaking Bad. But, whether it was the shortness of our breaks or because Breaking Bad was just that awesome, we never really talked about ourselves or our music. So, everything you’re about to read, I only learned a few hours before you.

Christine is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz, where she majored in music theory and composition. According to Christine, one of her major accomplishments right now is being a full time musician- without having to work in retail anymore. “It’s a lot of work, but I can say that I’m doing what a love for a living,” said Christine, who now lives in Lindenhurst. She teaches lessons in voice, guitar and piano in studios as well as in homes. One of the bands she’s a part of is reggae band, Free Noise Brigade, where she sings backup vocals. However, Christine’s crown jewel and the focus of most of her time, effort and heart is her band – Christine Sweeney and the Dirty Stayouts. This is the project that allows Christine to show off the completeness her vocal prowess as well as her sycamore 9996astounding songwriting.

Christine’s music is a combination of acoustic rock’s rawness and power, with the sweet and memorable melodies of pop music. She draws many of her influences from artists such as Grace Potter, John Mayer, Regina Spektor and KT Tunstall. Songwriting for Christine usually starts in her car. While driving to her various jobs, or to gigs, Christine will hear a melody and immediately start creating lyrics to go along with them. I asked her was her lyrics were typically about. She said, “I draw from my own experience when writing… I have a lot of relationship songs, but also have ones about addiction, hope, wanting, wondering. I work out my inner demons through songs.” Christine Sweeney and the Dirty Stayouts’ newest album is going to be released towards the very end of August, so keep your ears to the ground on that one.

When Christine isn’t making music, she’s usually hanging out with friends, or relaxing at home. She also enjoys crafty things like drawing, knitting and photoshopping (mostly for gig posters and such).

For more on Christine Sweeney, you can visit her website or her Facebook page. And if the internet just isn’t enough, you can catch her performing live at SPARKBOOM’s ArtSpace Unplugged, at 20 Terry St, Patchogue, NY 11772, from 6-10 PM. She goes on at 6:30 PM.



Darryl Maraj graduated from Five Towns College with a degree in Music Education. At Five Towns, he worked with the great vocal professional and renowned educator, Stephen C. Pagano in jazz, classical, Broadway and pop styles of singing. Currently, Darryl splits his time between his job at the Islip School District, his church- where he is the Music Coordinator, and his band, Slang (facebook.com/slangthebandli). When taking a break from music, Darryl likes to draw, play video games and attempt cooking.

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